Menopause is an important time to consider our current health and think about how to best maintain health in the future. For many women menopause is relatively problem free but some women experience significant symptoms from hormone changes and aging.  At AWARE our Specialist Women’s Health Medical, Physiotherapy and Psychology services are available to help.

We provide professional and holistic advice on health maintenance and risk reduction as well as lifestyle matters such as relationships and sexuality. We can help with decisions about hormone replacement by giving clear, individualised and evidence-based advice. We can also offer advice on combating the gynaecological and general effects of aging. You will find more information under "Better Aging Advice and Treatment".

Please fill in our Personal Details and Medical History form, our Menopause Symptom Score Sheet and any other questionnaires that are relevant to your concerns, and bring them to your appointment.

For more information:

The Australian Menopause Society