Melissa Slattery
Specialist Gynaecologist and
Director of AWARE Women’s Health

Janette Makowski
Registered Nurse and Midwife


Nicole Montana
Women’s Health Specialist General Practitioner

Michelle Wellman
Specialist Gynaecologist and
Director of Fertility SA

Leanne March
Practice Manager, Registered Nurse
and Midwife

AWARE is a comprehensive women’s health service run by Specialist Gynaecologists. Our team is friendly, highly qualified and experienced. We offer timely and pragmatic treatment, appointments are unrushed and advice is individualized.

Routine PAP smears, contraception advice, Mirena insertion, post-natal checks, breast feeding assistance, management of menopause and HRT. Specialist medical and surgical treatments for all gynaecological conditions from fertility concerns to problem periods, bladder incontinence and prolapse.